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Bill Caplan
Master of Architecture, Assoc. AIA
Bachelor of Science in Materials Engineering
Lecturer and published Author


To bridge the gaps between architectural form, sustainable design and new materials, Bill Caplan founded ShortList_0 LLC in 2010. It is dedicated to developing an integrated design process unifying sustainable technology with architectural form.

After graduating from Cornell University College of Engineering, Bill founded a multi-national company to research, design and manufacture high tech semiconductor sensors . With facilities in the USA, UK, France and Germany, he contributed to a wide spectrum of projects ranging from the space program, defense and automotive design to the human genome, robotics and biomorphic interface - programs in the Americas, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, Japan and China. Adapting technology to program is one of his specialties, thereby minimizing impact to the intended design. That composite experience led to his involvement in sustainable design.

With a degree in Materials Engineering and a career in research, development, innovation and fabrication, he went on to earn a Master of Architecture from Pratt Institute Graduate School of Architecture. Combining his high tech experience with the art of architectural design, he addresses the difficulty of ‘generating’ energy sustainable architecture rather than ‘altering’ uninformed design with commercial ‘sustainability’ add-ons.

Dedicated to deriving new design concepts, in which form emerges parametrically from the requirement to produce and conserve energy, he is a unique driving force behind ShortList_0 Design Group LLC - guiding concept to reality. After authoring "Buildings Are for People: Human Ecological Design" in 2016 and "Contrasts 21c: People and Places" in 2018, his latest work relates building design to global warming. "THWART CLIMATE CHANGE NOW: Reducing Embodied Carbon Brick by Brick" is anticipated for publication by the Environmental Law Institute ELI Press in the Fall of 2021.

Information about Bill Caplan's BOOK "Buildings are for People" is available at

ShortList_0 Design Group is open to inquiries for collaborative studies and assembling project teams with Licensed Architects, Engineers and Academics.

  Bill Caplan, Master of Architecture
Informed Sustainable & Experiential Design
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